Tinara Westbrook Age, Height, Net Worth, Family & Bio

Intriguingly, Tinara Westbrook, a 27-year-old denizen of the United States, entered this world on September 7, 1996, in the vibrant city of Atlanta, Georgia. She graces us with her presence at a stature of approximately 5 feet and 5 inches, her weight a featherweight 120 pounds.

Tinara Westbrook Age, Height, Net Worth, Family & Bio 2023

Tinara’s financial realm boasts an estimated net worth of roughly $1 million, an impressive testament to her multifaceted career, which spans the realms of modeling, corporate leadership, and social media influence.

Tinara Westbrook’s net worth?

As of the information available up to 2023, Tinara Westbrook’s net worth was approximately $1 million. Please note that net worth figures can change over time due to various factors such as career earnings, investments, and financial decisions. For the most up-to-date information on her net worth, I recommend checking the latest financial news or sources that provide celebrity net worth updates.

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NameTinara Westbrook
Age27 Years old (Born on September 7, 1996) as of 2023
BirthplaceAtlanta, Georgia, USA
HeightApproximately 5’5″
WeightApproximately 120 lbs
Net WorthApproximately $1 million
OccupationModel, CEO, and social media influencer
Notable worksFounder of Ana Santana Hair Company LLC, Global Ambassador for the National MS Society
BoyfriendDonovan Mitchell
ParentsNot applicable (N/A)

Among her notable accomplishments, we find her distinguished role as the visionary founder of Ana Santana Hair Company LLC. Moreover, she assumes the mantle of a Global Ambassador for the National MS Society, unequivocally demonstrating her unwavering dedication to philanthropy and advocacy.

Tinara Westbrook Age, Height, Net Worth, Family & Bio 2023

In her intimate sphere, Tinara Westbrook shares her life’s journey with Donovan Mitchell, a connection that adds depth to her personal narrative. She is further linked to a sibling by the name of Raynard.

Tinara’s educational attainment attests to her commitment to intellectual growth, and her faith identifies her as a devout Christian. Her digital presence, on the platform Instagram, is under the pseudonym ‘tinarawestbrook,’ where she doubtlessly unveils facets of her life to her dedicated followers. Remarkably, details concerning her parental lineage remain shrouded in obscurity.

Q. Who is Tina Westbrook?

Tinara Westbrook is an American model, CEO, social media influencer, and the girlfriend of NBA player Donovan Mitchell. She is the founder of Ana Santana Hair Company LLC, which sells wigs and hair extensions. She is also a Global Ambassador for the National MS Society, a non-profit organization that helps people who suffer from multiple sclerosis.

Q. Is Tinara Westbrook related to Russell?

does not appear to be related to Russell Westbrook

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