Tim Misny Age, Height, Net Worth, Family & Bio 2023

In the realm of jurisprudential veneration, one encounters a luminary by the name of Tim Misny. A mere 24 orbits around the sun have heaped wisdom upon this legal prodigy, for he first drew breath on January 21, 1999, in Berea, Ohio, an enclave within the United States of America.

Tim Misny Age, Height, Net Worth, Family & Bio 2023

His physical presence graces the world at an imposing height of approximately 6 feet 2 inches, his corporeal vessel tipping the scales at around 225 pounds. The crux of his renown resides in the domain of personal injury law, wherein Tim Misny has meticulously woven the fabric of a prosperous career, amassing a substantial fortune in the ballpark of $20 million.

Tim Misny’s Net Worth?

As of the information available up to 2023, Tim Misny’s net worth was approximately $20 million. Please note that net worth figures can change over time due to various factors such as career earnings, investments, and financial decisions. For the most up-to-date information on her net worth, I recommend checking the latest financial news or sources that provide celebrity net worth updates.

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NameTim Misny
Age24 Years old (Born on January 21, 1999) as of 2023
BirthplaceBerea, Ohio, United States
HeightApproximately 6’2″
WeightApproximately 225 lbs
Net WorthApproximately $20 million
GenrePersonal injury law
Notable worksNumerous successful personal injury cases
WifeStephanie Misny
ParentsNot applicable (N/A)
ChildrenMax, Gus, and Ruby
EducationBachelor of Arts from Cleveland State University, Juris Doctor from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law

The binding vow of matrimony has united Tim with Stephanie Misny, and this union has borne fruit in the form of three progeny, christened Max, Gus, and Ruby. His academic foundation is grounded in a Bachelor of Arts accolade, bestowed upon him by the venerable institution known as Cleveland State University.

Tim Misny Age, Height, Net Worth, Family & Bio 2023

He further fortified his intellectual arsenal with a Juris Doctorate earned from the hallowed halls of Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. As a denizen of the United States, Tim Misny steadfastly adheres to the Christian faith, a cornerstone of his spiritual identity.

Within the echelons of his professional life, the name Tim Misny has become synonymous with a litany of triumphant forays into the world of personal injury litigation. His career as an advocate of justice has elevated him to the status of an eminent luminary within the legal cosmos. In the digital realm, he maintains an active presence on the social platform Instagram, where he goes by the nomenclature “tim_misny.

Q. How many kids does Tim Misny have?

son Max, age 7, and twins Gus and Ruby, age 3

Q. Who is Tim Misny married to?

Stephanie Misny (Stephanie Paulitsch)

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