Dick York Died, Height, Net Worth, Family & Bio

Dick York, whose full name is Richard Franklin York Jr., was born on September 4, 1923, in Fort Kent, Maine, USA. He was an American actor known for his contributions to film, television, and stage. Sadly, he passed away on January 20, 1990, at the age of 66.

Dick York Age, Height, Net Worth, Family & Bio

Dick York’s Net Worth?

As of the information available up to 2024, Richard Franklin York Jr. net worth was approximately $12 thousand USD.

Instant bio

NameDick York
Full NameRichard Franklin York Jr.
Age66 years 4 months 16 days (born on September 4, 1923)
DiedJanuary 20, 1990
BirthplaceFort Kent, Maine, USA
HeightApproximately 6’1″
WeightApproximately 180 lbs
Net WorthApproximately $12 thousand USD
GenreFilm, Television, Stage
Notable Works– “Bewitched” (Darrin Stephens, 1964-1969) – “Twilight Zone” (“Time Enough at Last”) – “Dr. Kildare” (Nurse Michael Malone) – “The King and I” (Broadway, 1951) – “The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer” (1947)
SpouseJoan Alt (1948-1955)
ParentsRichard Franklin York Sr. and Sadie York
SiblingsElizabeth and Virginia
EducationGraduated from Emerson College

Standing at approximately 6 feet 1 inch and weighing around 180 pounds, Dick York made a mark in the entertainment industry with notable works that include his role as Darrin Stephens in “Bewitched” from 1964 to 1969. He also left an impact on “Twilight Zone” in the episode “Time Enough at Last” and “Dr. Kildare” as Nurse Michael Malone. His talents extended to the stage with a Broadway appearance in “The King and I” in 1951 and a role in “The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer” in 1947.

Dick York Age, Height, Net Worth, Family & Bio

In his personal life, Dick York was married to Joan Alt from 1948 to 1955. He was the son of Richard Franklin York Sr. and Sadie York and had two siblings, Elizabeth and Virginia. Dick York pursued his education at Emerson College.

Despite his contributions to the entertainment world, Dick York’s net worth was estimated to be approximately $12 thousand USD. As an American and a Christian, his legacy lives on in the memories of those who enjoyed his performances.

Who is Dick York?

The original, charmingly agitated Darrin Stephens on Bewitched (1964–1969) was Dick York. While his comedic timing delighted audiences, he battled chronic pain throughout the show. Dick Sargent assumed the role after he was tragically forced to retire due to health issues. Acting for Life, York’s charity, later became a voice for the homeless. A sweet, gifted person whose life story is both motivational and heartbreaking.

Dick York’s family?

The five children Dick York and Joan Alt had together were Kim, Mandy, Stacy, Christopher, and Matthew. Dick York was married to Joan Alt for forty-four years until his death. His sisters, Elizabeth and Virginia, were his siblings, and his parents were Richard and Sadie York.

Dick York’s Age?

Richard Franklin York Jr., better known as Dick York, was born in Fort Kent, Maine, in the United States, on September 4, 1923. He was a well-known American actor who made contributions to theater, television, and film. Sadly, on January 20, 1990, he died at the age of sixty-six.

Dick York Age, Height, Net Worth, Family & Bio

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Q. how much is Dick York Net Worth?

$12 thousand USD

Q. When did Dick York die?

January 20, 1990

Q. Who is Dick York?

Dick York was the original, endearingly agitated Darrin Stephens on Bewitched (1964–1969). Throughout the show, he battled chronic pain, but his comedic timing delighted audiences.

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