Carter Starocci Age, Height, Net Worth, Family & Bio

Carter Starocci, a 23-year-old American luminary of the digital realm and a formidable wrestler, was ushered into this world on March 5, 2000, in Erie, Pennsylvania, within the confines of the United States.

Carter Starocci Age, Height, Net Worth, Family & Bio 2023

His stature is indeed imposing, measuring at approximately 6 feet 1 inch, while his weight registers around 175 pounds. Carter’s trajectory has been nothing short of remarkable, culminating in an estimated net worth that million mark.

Carter Starocci’s Net Worth?

As of the information available up to 2023, Carter Starocci’s net worth was approximately million. Please note that net worth figures can change over time due to various factors such as career earnings, investments, and financial decisions. For the most up-to-date information on her net worth, I recommend checking the latest financial news or sources that provide celebrity net worth updates.

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NameCarter Starocci
Age23 Years old (Born on March 5, 2000)
BirthplaceErie, Pennsylvania, United States
HeightApproximately 6’1″
WeightApproximately 175 lbs
Net WorthApproximately $7 million
OccupationInternet personality, Wrestler
ParentsChristopher Starocci, Starla Speed
SiblingsChris Starocci, Ceci Starocci
EducationGraduate (wrestling at Penn State University)

In addition to his wrestling exploits, Carter Starocci has left an indelible mark on the online landscape. He maintains an active presence on Instagram, where he goes by the moniker “carterstarocci.” At present, he navigates the labyrinth of singledom, opting to keep his romantic involvements a closely guarded secret.

Carter Starocci Age, Height, Net Worth, Family & Bio 2023

The bedrock of Carter’s journey lies in the unwavering support of his family, consisting of parents Christopher Starocci and Starla Speed, as well as siblings Chris Starocci and Ceci Starocci. Carter embarked on his academic odyssey at Penn State University, a crucible where he not only graduated but also etched his name in the annals of wrestling greatness.

Hailing from the land of liberty, Carter Starocci wears his American identity as a badge of honor, underpinned by a devout adherence to the Christian faith. His conquests on the wrestling mat and his burgeoning online persona have rendered him an illustrious personality, revered in both the realms of sports and digital communities.

Q. Who has Carter Starocci lost to?

Indiana’s DJ Washington and Iowa’s Michael Kemerer

Q. Did Carter Starocci win?

Carter Starocci was crowned as the 174-pound national champion

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