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Outlive by Peter Attia PDF

Outlive Peter Attia Book Description

Dr. Peter Attia is an expert in his field who is honest and passionate. He focuses on prevention rather than just fixing the problem. His podcasts and show notes cover a lot of information about health and medicine.

The medical profession usually focuses on fixing problems after they occur with pills, surgeries, and frequent doctor visits, but Dr. Attia takes a different approach. He focuses on prevention through his Medicine 3.0 approach, which can be seen in his podcasts and detailed show notes.

He generously shares their expertise on his podcast and dives deep into each specialty, demonstrating his fluency and understanding of the nuances. What makes Attia truly exceptional is his ability to integrate this knowledge into a broader perspective of human health.

If you’re familiar with longevity science or listen to Peter Attia’s podcasts, this book might not provide much new information.

Outlive Peter Attia Book PDF Detail

Book TitleOutlive: The Science and Art of Longevity
Release Date:28 March 2023
Total Pages:496
Author:Peter Attia MD
PDF Language:English
Book Category:Science & Math
File Type:PDF & EPUB

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